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Hello and welcome to our website. Here you will find information on all the Coaching Programmes available with AJD.


AJD Football Coaching is organised and conducted myself, Adam Davis. I am a FA Level 3 Football coach with over 11 years experience in coaching children, sessions include: PE in Primary Schools, Grass Roots with Junior Teams, Advanced 1 to 1 Coaching, Elite Centres and 16-18 Year Old programmes.


Since leaving my post as Activity Programme Manager at Wycombe Wanderers SET in February, I have created a number of programmes for Schools; providing them with excellent PE lessons in line with National Curriculum and offering Extra-curricular Clubs Free of charge.

During the schools holidays AJD have provided parents/children fantastic Holiday Camps to enjoy, with our very first Summer Holidays being confirmed this year too.

I have also been reachig out to Junior Clubs offering them some advanced training sessions, with a great response from children playing for Holtspur FC and Hughenden Vally FC this season.


Please take a look round the site, get in touch if you want any information on any of the programmes available.

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