Parents in the Playground - PiTP


Earn ££ Recommending AJD Holiday Camps!


We all recommend activities and products daily, sometimes without even realising we do so. From our favourite restaurants to a film we have recently watched, from our favourite fragrance to an experience shared with family and friends. These recommendations often lead to our family and friends sharing the same experiences, but we do not see any reward for our recommendation. At AJD we are trying to say thank you to those parents and children that enjoy our holiday camps and recommend them to others!

PiTP is a new way to reward all those that speak highly of the work we do and offer something back for those recommendations we really do appreciate. Becoming a PiTP member and creating your very own parent network is easy to do, using the application form below, giving you your very own Unique Referral Code (URC). This will allow us to track holiday camp bookings off your recommendation, not just directly from you but also from those parents that have recommended others following your initial recommendation.

Our PiTP model gives members the opportunity to earn commission not just from direct bookings using their URC (known as 1st Generation), but to also earn commission from parents direct to you that are also building their own parent networks with up to 3 generations available! You have the option to gain AJD Credit, which can be used against your own bookings, or gain Payment from any commission made. There is no cost to creator own PiTP network, simply complete the application form below to gain your URC. More information and the breakdown of our commission model is attached below.

PiTP Commission Model

PiTP Commission Example

You will also find below a selection of upcoming holiday camp literature you are welcome to download to send on to your networks, this will be update frequently keeping al up to date with available camps as well as the option to direct them straight to Online Booking:

Xmas & New Year Camps

February Half Term Camps (coming soon)

Goalkeepers Camp - February HT (coming soon)

If you have any questions at all regarding our PiTP initiative, please don't hesitate to contact Adam Davis, either via EMAIL or telephone 07747626466.