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Funding Programmes for Schools


AJD have created the following programmes that the school can utilise to raise funds for the school. These programmes were designed to take most, if not all organising away from the school.


Fund raising through…


Extra-curricular Clubs:

Utilise the Coaching Programmes for Schools options available with AJD and offer the extra-curricular side of the programme to parents at a small cost. The cost to parents can be less than they would pay other extra-curricular providers, and the funds come back to the school to pay for or pay towards the PPA provision itself.


School In-Service Days:

AJD will advertise, organise and conduct a Multi-Sports Fun Day during an in-service day at the school. With similar timings to a normal school day (9.00am-3.00pm), parents gain access to child care for their child at familiar surroundings and children get to enjoy and fun packed sporting day with their friends at school. For each child that attends the Fun Day, the school will receive Money Back. A fantastic way to raise funds for the school providing parents with care that is sometimes difficult to organise.


Holiday Camps:

AJD will advertise, organise and conduct a 2-Day Multi-Sports Holiday Camp at the school during Half and Full Term breaks. The camps can be made exclusive to children enrolled at the school, or can be advertised at schools close by too. An opportunity for parents to gain child care at familiar surroundings for their child, and for the children at school to stay active, meet new friends and learn new skills over their holidays; another fantastic way to raise funds for the school as the school will recieve Money Back for each child that attends the Holiday Camp.


Any Extra-curricular club can be Football or a Multi-Sports club on request.


AJD would welcome a meeting at school to discuss any of the programmes and give more information on how we can support sports provision at your school.



If you are a Head Teacher or Teacher at a school and would like to discuss any of the Coaching Programmes further, please don't hesitate to contact George at AJD: