One to one coaching

Specific, informative & engaging

One to one training sessions are a great way to improve general or specific areas of any players game.

They can be useful to any individual whatever ability, experience and stage in their development..

Session structure and content

Session will be centred around being challenging but also fun for the individual.

Please find below the structure of a typical AJD  one to one session:

60-Minute session

-Warm up game or skill challenge

-S.A.Q | Speed, Agility & Quickness drills

-Ball Mastery

-Skill Session | this can range from a number of different topics, selected by the individual themselves

-De-brief / self evaluation

location: to reduce costs these generally tend to be parks, recreational ground, large gardens etc.

Cost: £30.00 per session or £150.00 Block of 6 

Please email to gain availability and to organise sessions: